Trail of Dead Ends
386 pages

A man has gone missing in the mountains. It is the beginning of winter, and search posses can find no trace of him whatsoever. Several months later after the spring thaw, his abandoned camp is discovered, in plain sight- his tent, backpack, wallet, and gun, missing one bullet. And also a skeleton- but no skull. What happened here? There seems to be no evidence of foul play until you consider his dubious past... his career as a spy… his unexplained disappearances… his mysterious wife… ?

In this NotchNovel you are the one who determines this man's fate. You must read the story interactively, choosing the directions the character takes. You guide him through the forks of his lifelong trail- his omens, his lovelife, his adventures, his secrets. You are the one who brings him to the mountain and sets him free.

Put your thumb in the notch, and chose your own adventure!  (Adult Fiction)

Please be advised that each copy of Trail of Dead Ends is handmade (hand-notched) and must be purchased directly from the author. Copies are $20. To place an order, contact R Kay at